Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management

Secure Supply, Secure Logistics, Total Cost control and efficiency.

The main objective is to achieve and keep a well controlled, well balanced Supply chain.

At Sinec Technologies this is done by a close cooperation with the most professional sources on the Global and local market, where we follow a well established process with the most cost effective and secure solutions and tools. Also with a close cooperation with our customers we together choose the optimal Manufacturers with both standard and customized solutions.

This way the customers can be sure that their products and supply is in Balance with the correct quality and cost.

Supply Chain fulfilment

Sinec Technologies works with:

  • A close cooperation throughout the process from the point of sales inquiry to delivery of the products and services to the customer.
  • The most basic, to customized special solutions to fit the products and the customers need.
  • From Local contracts with alternative sources to Extended Global agreements to secure multiple sources to make sure that we keep a steady and secure supply without disruptions or delays.
  • SAP S/4Hana ERP system

Global Sourcing

Sinec Technologies is connected world wide to the primary sources for electronics components and printed circuit boards. Key areas the we evaluate are track record, quality, flexibility and cost competitiveness.

  • Agreements and best business practices are set in place from the beginning so there is a common understanding of roles, responsibilities and expectations in our long-term business relationships with our supply chain and customers.
  • Code of Conduct - sustainable policies are applied in working with our partners.

SQM Supplier Quality Management

Supplier Quality Management is a Key factor of Supply Management to secure and maintain the correct control of the processes, products and service of our supply chain. Some of the key points we evaluate:

  • Inventory flexibility
  • Measurement of on-time delivery
  • Credit terms / Pricing
  • AQL levels and control